Dear friends and family of New Eyes,

My name is Heather Parady. I am the founder of New Eyes and wanted to share something with you. New Eyes stemmed from a dream where I saw a glowing sign that said “Visions”. Visions is a strip club located on interstate 40 in Little Rock, Arkansas. The dream was simple but when I woke up,  I heard the Lord tell me to go to the strip clubs. He expressed His heart for the broken and His desire to reach them.  I knew I was called to go. That was over four years ago, what started out as 3 of us going into the clubs with bags of candy has grown into so much more. We are now a 501c3 nonprofit organization reaching over 150 women each month in Little Rock, Jacksonville, and Hot Springs. Our Goal is to be in every strip club and sex shop in the state. Our message is that of hope. We believe that these women are not only valued by God, but that they also have a calling on their lives. We want to continue to show them honor every month and truly learn to see what He sees, through new eyes.

This blog is to inform you, as a valued supporter, that New Eyes will be under new direction. My husband has been a Navy reservist for a couple of years, and we as a family decided for him to go full time in the military. This required us to move out of state to Georgia. Since leading the team and outreaches from another state isn’t really feasible, our board has appointed a new Executive Director, Bethany MacAlmon. Bethany has been on our team for two years and has faithfully donated her time to serve in many capacities. Her main role has been over our gift bags and donations. She has faithfully served by purchasing and assembling 150+ bags every month. She has been dedicated to New Eyes and has risen to taking on more and more responsibilities. As a board and leadership team, we knew that her heart was that of service and that she would be the one to move into the role of executive director. We fully trust her and support her.

As for me, I will remain a part of New Eyes as a Director on the Board. With great focus moving forward, my goal is to establish a strong Board of Directors by appointing the right members and establishing sound policies. I will also be focusing on fundraising in order to reach more women monthly. It saddens my heart to be stepping down as the team’s leader, and I will greatly miss serving on our outreaches.  I am SO grateful to have been apart of something so much bigger than me.

Thank you for being apart of this journey, and thank you for your continued support of the vision and mission of New Eyes. Your prayers and donations enable us to spread the love of Jesus to these dark places. We could not do what we do without you. I am excited to have Bethany take this team to another level and I fully trust that God has appointed her to this position. I am always available to answer questions at, and I look forward to each of you getting to know Bethany and for the amazing future New Eyes has ahead.

The best IS YET.

With all my heart & gratitude,

Heather Parady